Tailor Made Training and Workshops can take a variety of forms. A two-hour session; a three-day workshop; individual or in a group. At a festival, training institute or private studio. Dutch or English language. In The Netherlands or abroad.

Pictured left is Romanian director Iulia Rugina, photographing her floor anchors after a systemic setup investigating emotions and physical sensations of a character in her theatre play ‘Neverland‘. The play premiered in Bucharest in the Autumn of 2018.

Early 2019 I met several times with Dutch director Robin Coops preparing the shooting of his graduation film Touch (Master of Film – Dutch Film Academy). We ran through various sequences and explored body language, movement and dialogue. Read more on the project here (Touch) or see the reflection notes on the left.

August 2019 I met with a Croatian writer/director in Berlin to explore the imagery and characters of her fiction feature script she had been working on for several years. We worked for multiple days in a row, and in her evaluation she concluded that ‘I am very satisfied that I have participated in this training. It gave me not only a fresh approach to my creative process but also after the workshop I feel as if now the writing process is easier for me (…) The workshop helped me to connect with the project in a stronger way. As if, now, the story and characters are tangible which allows me to play more with the characters within the plot’.

A last example of Tailor Made Workshops is a series of three workshops offered to the New Generation Film Academy at the Northern Film Festival in Leeuwarden, part of Cultural Capital of Europe 2018. For three days eight filmmakers with a short fiction film project followed workshops on storytelling, producing, financing and pitching, concluded with a pitch competition. Each day I offered a workshop supporting their process and progress. The feedback of the pitching winner (photo) was as follows: ‘Your sessions have helped me enormously to come closer to myself and to better understand my own story as a filmmaker!’

  • photo: WR: Mysteries of the Organism by Dušan Makavejev