With a character setup you bring your imagined characters to life. You can meet, investigate and observe them, and can pose questions such as what are their motives or secrets? What is the character’s place in the story? What are his or her resources and obstacles?

A character setup brings your images and ideas into a three dimensional space, and offers actors, directors, writers, and other artistic professionals insight into questions and issues about stories and characters. Whereas with Family Constellations the emphasis is on resolving conflicts or gaining deeper insight into the cause of problems, with a character set-up we orient ourselves on the narrative, creative and artistic context, as to bring more depth, feeling and spirit to the characters and story.

Character setups allow you to explore specific questions that you encounter during a creation process. The focus depends on the question that is asked. The theme, the characters, the plot but also other elements can be questioned, such as the viewer or the underlying idea. It offers you the opportunity to tap into other layers of the creative process.