Waking Up To Imagination exists next to my Therapy Practice This Is Not A Story. Waking Up To Imagination addresses creative professionals with a project. The creative world I know best is cinema and in early 2018 I started try-outs with filmmakers.

We perceive the world with the whole of our being. The images we see, feel, smell, taste, touch and intuit are ours, but equally often diffused by the imprints of others. The images we carry define what we think, do, and long for, and tell us where to go.

Truth is that we have been conditioned to use our rational and (perhaps) emotional intelligence, while losing sight of the intelligence of the body. We have been disconnected from our spontaneous body responses, and learned to control our feelings and communication by restricting breath, voice and free movement. With this suppressing and numbing of our perceptual capacities, we also lose much of our knowledge and understanding of what Imagination is.

Next to mental, emotional and psychological processes, Waking Up To Imagination takes the body as an important key to understanding where you are in respect to your project. The work invites you to enter a state of curiosity and not-knowing; aims to create perspective shifts, and free you from unhelpful habitual behaviour. You are invited to rely less on engaging the will, and more on a way of being in the world, drawing upon a rested, alert intelligence, with the courage to simplify and act. You are invited to surrender to the lifestream and use it creatively. New, unforseen paths open up for both you and your project.