Embody your project and uncover unexpected and striking dynamics between you and your creation.

A two day workshop, followed by a third, optional day.

Workshop language: English and or Dutch, depending on the formation of the group.

2 days, 190 Euro excl. VAT (21%) per person
3 days, 240 Euro excl. VAT (21%) per person

Each workshop is open for a maximum of four participants.

Location is Rotterdam.

Methods applied:

Insightful Communication: The practice of listening and giving words to thoughts and feelings in a safe space.

Systemic Coaching: Shedding light on the undercurrents of your system. This can be the people involved in your project, or the real or fictious characters of a film, play or book. Themes such as Money, Potential or Health can also be explored.

Bodydrama (Gestalt and Psychodrama): The exploration of inner dynamics and re-enactment of real-life situations, guided by spontaneous dialogue and bodily reactions.

Group Dynamics: Projects are often jointly created. What is the influence we exert on each other? What is the group role you take, and what does it mean for your project and creative freedom.

Bodywork: Increase body awareness, use breath, sound and movement to explore deeper feelings and sensations. Experience congruence between thinking, feeling and action. Become more fully and creatively alive.

Character Styles: Learn about people’s mental, emotional and physical coping mechanisms, and discover more about your own.

Dreamwork (Embodied Imagination): Marvel at the intelligence and subtlety of dreams and its potential to spark your creativity.

The different methods intersect, underscore and strengthen one another. The years of training and practice taught me to listen into situations and find an appropriate approach to questions and needs. This is backed up by near 20 years of study and work in the international film domain.


Saturday 10:00 – 18:00 hour
Sunday    10:00 – 18:00 hour
Monday   10:00 – 18:00 hour

Participation on Monday is optional and centred on integration and finetuning  experiences and information.


Trainer: Rik Vermeulen

I was born in a family of sports and entrepreneurs, and spent my teenage holidays working at construction sites. Since the early nineties I lived on and off in The Netherlands, Sweden and Eastern Europe. I attended Higher Technical Education, three Universities (Art and Culture; Film and TV) and Bodymind Opleidingen. I obtained a Master’s degree in film studies and graduated in Integrated Psychotherapy.

I started working at Dutch and Greek greenhouses, Stockholm’s amusement park, and companies fabricating transformer housings and telephone switchboards. I produced short films, assisted with the production of feature films, volunteered at festivals around Europe, served on selection committees incl. the Dutch Film Fund, and performed managing and artistic functions for the international film festivals in Rotterdam, Cluj Napoca, Leeuwarden and Warsaw.

I climbed ladders, pioneered, followed and led, and witnessed project outcomes that made me despair and cry of joy.

Today I run a private practice in Integrated Psychotherapy and am Educational Therapist at Bodymind Opleidingen. It is with Waking Up To Imagination that I offer workshops for professional creatives.

In workshop sessions curiosity and wonder guide me. When truthfulness, craftmanship and mystery meet we enter the space where imagination thrives.