Dreams are the most pure form of imagination, the least influenced by environmental factors.

There are many ways to work with dreams. Usually one is out to find meaning and to interpret the dream, looking at the dream from waking consciousness. Embodied Imagination – developed by Robert Bosnak – has a different approach.

Embodied Imagination invites you to approach the images from the perspective of the dream. From this perspective you experience the images as a living, animated environment. The dreamer becomes aware of this environment through the experience of bodily feelings and sensations when working with the dream. Integration of previously unknown dream content can lead to healing at a deep level. This adventurous form of dream work can give new impetus to creativity. The effect on daily life is of a subtle power.

Embodied Imagination is based on neuroscience, the phenomenological work of C.G. Jung, James Hillman and Henry Corbin and on the theory of mimesis, complexity theory and non-linear dynamic assumptions that all psychic states are embodied.

Rik Vermeulen is a certified practitioner Embodied Imagination.