Since the early nineties I lived on and off in The Netherlands, Sweden and Eastern Europe. I attended Higher Technical Education, three Universities (Art and Culture; Film and TV) and Bodymind Opleidingen. I obtained a Master’s degree in film studies and graduated in Integrated Psychotherapy.

I worked at Dutch and Greek greenhouses, Stockholm’s amusement park, and companies fabricating transformer housings and telephone switchboards. I produced short films, assisted with the production of feature films, volunteered at festivals around Europe, served on selection committees incl. the Dutch Film Fund, and performed managing and artistic functions for the international film festivals in Rotterdam, Cluj Napoca, Leeuwarden and Warsaw.

I climbed ladders, pioneered, followed and led, and witnessed project outcomes that made me despair and cry of joy.

Today I run a private practice in Integrated Psychotherapy and am Educational Therapist at Bodymind Opleidingen. It is with Waking Up To Imagination that I offer workshops for professional creatives.

In workshop sessions curiosity and wonder guide me. When truthfulness, craftmanship and mystery meet we enter the space where imagination thrives.

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