Alone with the Alone. Creative Imagination in the Sufism of Ibn ‘Arabi (Henry Corbin, 1998)
The Philosophers’ Secret Fire. A History of The Imagination (Patrick Harpur, 2002)
Lost Knowledge of the Imagination (Gary Lachman, 2017)
Embodiment. Creative Imagination in Medicine, Art and Travel (Robert Bosnak, 2007)

Body Psychotherapy
De Maskermaker. Systemisch werk en karakterstructuren (Veenbaas, Goudswaard en Verschuren, 2006)
In An Unspoken Voice. How the Body Releases Trauma and Restores Goodness (Peter Levine, 2010)
Anatomy and Physiology for Psychotherapists (Kathrin A. Stauffer, 2010)
Symbiosis and Autonomy (Franz Ruppert, 2010)
Playing and Reality (D.W. Winnicott, 1971)
Character Styles (Stephen Johnsson, 1994)
Soul without Shame (Byron Brown, 1998)

Systemic Work
De fontein (Els van Steijn, 2016)
Integrating Psychodrama and Systemic Constellation Work (Karen Carnabucci, 2015)
Systemisch Coachen (Jan Jacob Stam, Bibi Schreuder, 2017)

Depth Psychology
Alchemical Psychology (James Hillman, 2009)
The Dream and The Underworld (James Hillman, 1998)
The Red Book. Liber Novus (C.G. Jung, 2009)
Deep Creativity (Deborah Anne Quibell, Jennifer Leigh Selig and Dennis Patrick Slattery, 2019)

Mimesis and Alterity (Michael Taussig, 1993)
The Master and His Emissary (Iain McGilchrist, 2009)
The Three Marriages. Reimagining Work, Self and Relationship (David Whyte, 2009)
Psychoanalyst meets Marina Abramović. Artist Meets Jeanette Fisher (Jeanette Fischer, 2018)
Free Play. Improvisation in Life and Art (Stephen Nachmanovitch, 1990)

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