Word from previous participants:

“A positive space developed between me as filmmaker and my project. In this space I can use my experience to let the story, character and structure arise and unfold. The workshop sessions are a voyage of discovery in my own development, as person and maker, and an enrichment and deepening of my project.”

“I have come to understand how the sessions, this way of working, leads to a strengthening of the idiosyncrasy of creatives.”

“One of the most intense and meaningful journeys I have experienced. Everything Rik applied (variety of methodologies, therapeutic insight) helped me to answer my questions and to understand better my project. I learned to embody my project (and that of others). I got to focus on the core, the essence, that what is essential for me. All this purified and sharpened the creative process.”

“It feels like an important extra layer of the research. It gets more concrete and less conceptual.”

“The workshop not only gave me a fresh approach to my creative process, also the writing is easier now: The story and characters are more tangible, allowing me to play more with them and the plot.”

“It felt my film trajectory was stranded. The blockage came about because I had the feeling that I was no longer honest with my cinematography. Thank you for opening up the channels. I have the feeling that this is exactly what I’ve been waiting for, for years,  and that it will bring me closer to myself and to the world (read: my audience).”