Let us define money as that which possibilizes imagination (…) Turn to money behavior and fantasies and you will soon be in the underworld – James Hillman, ‘A Contribution To Soul and Money’

What does money mean to you and how does it affect your life today?

Are you able to make money effortlessly or is it difficult? Are you economical, afraid to invest, or do you take large risks and spend everything? Are you asking enough money for what you provide or is this difficult for you? What is money for you? A status symbol, a sexy dream, a taboo, or a necessary evil? How do you perceive money?

We work with Enquiries, Body Awareness, Character Styles and Constellation Work. Patterns that complicate your relationship to money become visible, opening a doorway for change.

Reading suggestions:
Botton, Alain de – Status Anxiety (2004)
Hellinger, Bert – Succes in leven en werken (2012)
Hillman, James – A contribution to Soul and Money (1982)
Onerheim, Mayuri – Money Spirituality Consciousness (2012)
Sincero, Jen – You are a Badass at Making Money (2017)

  • Coin Image: Hermes to the Greeks; Turms to the Etruscans; Mercurius to the Romans. Divine Trickster, God of Trade and Commerce
  • Workshop 20-21 July, Delft